Welcome to the Makkah Inter. Conference on Sustainable Dev and Environmental Health

Conference Days

24-25-26 Jumada Al Thani 1441
18-19-20 February 2020


Conference Palace - Mecca
Saudi Arabia

About Conference

The Holy Makkah Municipality and the Environmental Center for Arab Towns (ECAT) are jointly organizing the International Envirocities Conference 2020 under the title: “Holly Makkah International Conference on Sustainable Development and Environmental Health" in Makkah – KSA during the period from 24 to 26 Jumada II, corresponding to: 18-20 February 2020

Sustainability is gaining ever more significance in term of concept and application. With the increased population growth, technological expansion, meeting the requirements and attaining the happiness of societies that necessitates several policies, legislation, strategic directives, as well as applying scientific and practical procedures and actions that shall outlook profoundly the crucial need for sustainability. as well as the magnitude of ecological challenges, and seeking to initiate smart and viable approaches that respond promptly to the changes in consumption patterns in the sense of quantity and quality.

Conference Goals

This conference offers a valuable opportunity to review the global development plans and programs applied in terms of sustainability and public health, benefiting from their lessons learned from in promoting and backing the National Transformation Programs (NTP) 2020. besides, recognizing the conceivable alternatives that may initiate mechanisms and approaches to sustain and uphold the outstanding implementation of the Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, the conference shall realize the following objectives:

  • Shedding light on the international best practices and scientific and practical experiences in order to enhance the specialized knowledge and adding expertise in the domains of sustainability, environmental health as well as the crowd management.
  • Offering an exceptional opportunity for mayors, municipal administrators and the elite representatives in both public and private sectors for consulting and presenting their notions on issues such as the city sustainability in order to attain social, economic and environmental well-being and urban development.
  • Highlighting fruitful models of partnership between all sectors and the mechanisms for utilizing all direct and indirect groups, including the local community, in the domain of sustainability applications and smart cities.
  • Emphasizing on the successful legislation, policies, projects and initiatives and viewing the state-of-the-art technologies and positive experiences in the sustainable development of cities.
  • Reviewing strategies and innovative visions in realizing coherence and integrity between the specialized institutions concerned with the management of sustainability, environment and public health issues.
  • Utilizing the side consultations in carrying out conversations with experts and speakers in deliberating environmental challenges and how to tackle them.
  • Promoting and encouraging a spirit of social responsibility among all the participants, and unifying the point of view toward sustainability and environmental health, as a national, legitimate and ethical trust that entails cooperation and integration between all the stakeholders at the government and private level as well as all the community members.

Conference Features

    Free Audience Participation

    Meeting Governmental and Private Entities

    Know about best international and local practices and experiences

    Certificates for all participants

    Discussion sessions with experts and specialists

    Opportunity for networking and building partnerships

Main Conference Themes

Panel Discussion for H.E. Mayors of Saudi Cities under the title of:
"National Transformation Program (NTP) and the Saudi Vision 2030 - Integrating the Efforts and Responsibility of a Community to Achieve Sustainability".

Theme 1: Strategic Planning, Visions, and Sustainable Development Standards for Cities Urban Planning and Crowd Management.
  • Strategic Planning, Policies, Legislation and Action Plans for Sustainable Cities that considers Humanization of Cities and Community Happiness.
  • Advanced successful practices in crowd management in the holy seasons of Hajj and Umrah
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) to support sustainability and environment.
Theme 2: Best International Practices and Experiences for Building Sustainable Infrastructure Systems In Urban and Smart Cities to Improve Living Standards and Safety.
  • Best practices in sustainable urban planning
  • Sustainable smart cities.
  • The best international experiences in the construction of sustainable infrastructure systems in urban cities.
  • Place-led cities 4.0; an approach to planning smart and sustainable cities 4.0
Theme 3: Environmental Health and Safety Management
  • Best International Practices on Smart Applications and Modern Techniques in Food Control, Preservation and Safety.
  • Best International Practices for Environmental Heath Governance, Control and Risk Management.
  • Smart Predictive applications for communicating information between regulators, food institutions and service providers, as well as the public by utilizing smart digital control and data analysis.
Theme 4: Resource Sustainability and Environmental Health and Safety Management in Successful Sustainable Cities.
  • Best practices for decreasing the pollutants of public health (air pollution).
  • Innovative solutions for designing sustainable green cities.
  • Artificial Intelligence and (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications and technologies for food Safety and Waste management.
  • Green buildings and hotels: Innovative Sustainable Solutions & Green Key.
Theme 5: Prospects and Future of the Sustainable Cities
  • Resilient Cities Planning and Early warning Systems for Supporting Decision Makers.
  • Sustainability: Technology, DATA, and social responsibility.

Conference Targeting

  • Decision makers, including Ministers, Under Secretaries, Mayors and Municipal Administrators
  • Public Policy Makers, City Planners and all developing entities concerned with the National Transformation Plans and Programs 2020 and the Saudi Vision 2030.
  • Engineers, experts and specialists on sustainability, environment and municipal activities.
  • International and specialized organizations in sustainability, environmental development and environment health.
  • Modern Technology Companies and Artificial Intelligence of the private sector.
  • Professors of Universities, Colleges and Research Institutions and Scholars of Scientific Universities.
  • All Stakeholders concerned with Ecological Sustainability and the Issues of Health and Safety.

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Conference Schedule

24-25-26 Jumada Al Thani 1441
18-19-20 February 2020


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