Eng. Mohammed is a Tech savvy IT Engineer, with a big passion to make the earth a better place to live.

After more than 16 years of experience in cutting edge technologies like AI, and Intelligent Networks, as part of his social responsibility he is always dedicating most of his time to bring best technology practices and solutions to the region.

Eng. AlKaff began his career as an Intelligence Network Engineer, his portfolio included The Managing Partner of Netaq E solutions, CO-Founder of Wershaty, Technology and business consultant with Great Mindz, currently he serves as BMI Technology Group CEO, and MCPM MENA CO-Founder.

He is also serial Entrepreneur, Co-founded couple of startups and loves to do a voluntary mentorship and consultancy for startups.

Presentation Title:

  • AI Wearable and IOT technology solutions for sustainability and Environmental health Especially for Hajj and Umrah Seasons

Presentation Main Topics:

  • AI connected camera for crowd management, automatically counting crowds and measuring crowd density in locations to achieve much higher crowd safety during Haj and Umrah
  • wearable health monitoring device which monitors the chemical constitution of a wearer’s perspiration to determine levels of dehydration
  • Predictive analysis and preventive maintenance solution using AI and Machine learning for smart sustainable cities.
  • AI and IoT applications that could be used during Haj and Umrah Seasons

Conference Slideshows:

Eng. Mohammed Alkaff Slikeshow

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